NO! is proud to announce its two newest releases. Two 22 minute EPs, both by emerging Bloomington bands.

Both are available at our bandcamp,

Check out the merch page, we have bundled the releases so that those that buy more than one release receive discounted prices and save on shipping!

Without further adeiu…


The reclusive Bloomington Dry Socket was known by word of mouth for their blistering (and secret) live shows. The duo recorded one demo back in 2011 but was never released. “Violator” is a completely new rework of the 2011 demo. 

Dry Socket has a very rhythmic sound. Side A sees conventional percussion with some very unconventional synth and organ combinations, along with an infectious vocal melody. Side B favors a gritty, pulsing slab of noise and junk metal for the rhythm section, while bands of wildly oscillating feedback hang in the air above. 

Dry Socket recalls the first wave of industrial music - Psychic TV and SPK are good reference points, along with newer artists such as German Army and Helm. 

The members of the band are known for other projects - Michael Anderson is the figurehead of the Bluesanct label and performs as the ambient industrial project Drekka. Dylan Ettinger has released several albums under his own name on labels such as Not Not Fun, Digitalis Limited and NNA Tapes


Ray Creature is a duo from Bloomington, Indiana consisting of Jon Erich Booth and Natascha Buehnerkemper. This cassette is a companion release to Ray Creature’s self-titled LP that is being released on Sister Cylinder. 

Ray Creature play music that has been classified as synth pop, goth and darkwave. However, Ray Creature has carved out a unique space for their sound. Opposite the popular lo-fi style where all the instruments run together in the murk, the production on “Don’t Stop Talking” is crisp and clear – funky basslines, percussion, synthesizer – all maintain their own space, while seamlessly molding to each other. 

The vocals are the real stand out on this cassette. Booth’s deep baritone post-punk voice is at times morose, aggressive and poignant. Buehnerkemper’s backing vocals sound right off of a 70s no-wave record and complement Booth’s smooth tone. The melodies are catchy yet ephemeral. You’ll find yourself humming “Success” and wondering where the melody came from. 

RIYL – Blessure Grave, Night Sins, Lust For Youth

NO!02 Release


The compilation NO!02 is finally out. Featuring tracks from Drekka, John Flannelly, NOON, Canid, Agakus and Assimilation. 60+ minutes of industrial and weird electronic music from Bloomington and Terre Haute, Indiana. Chrome type II produbbed cassette limited to 75 hand numbered copies. PLAY LOUD.

The cassette is $5.00, and includes a download of the album. Orders placed now thru the weekend will ship out on Monday 10 February. 

Keep your eyes peeled for NO!03 and NO!04 out at the end of March, two new cassettes from Bloomington goths Ray Creature and reclusive industrial freaks Dry Socket.

new releases

Drekka<—>Assimilation is officially SOLD OUT.

The NO!02 compilation tapes are being professionally duplicated at time of this writing, orders will be open very soon.

NO! is also pleased to announce that NO!03 and NO!04 will be released soon, as a small 2 tape batch.  Fresh Bloomington goths Ray Creature and the reclusive, mysterious Dry Socket will each be releasing short, but powerful and succinct cassettes.  

Official launch of new record label NO!  Go to our bandcamp to listen/order NO!01, a collaborative split between Assimilation and Drekka.

Forthcoming releases:


A compilation featuring 7 stellar Bloomington, Indiana based experimental acts:
John Flannelly
Hymnal Bruise

NO!03 - Unfathoms - Outside, Laburnums So Sweet, But Inside…

Airy ambient textures and rounded drones from Genoa, Illinois.